At Case for Making We Believe Everybody is Creative.

At Case for Making We Believe Everybody is Creative.

Case for Making

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4037 Judah Street in San Francisco
Open Daily from 11am-6pm

We make our own watercolors and letterpress watercolor paper goods, all made in-house, presented alongside a curated selection of our favorite creative supplies.

some of us!

some of us!


Our team is composed of deeply kind and wonderful humans and has grown organically over the years. Most of us wear many hats as, after all, this is a small biz! Each of us have our own creative endeavors that we work on outside of the shop which makes its way into daily conversation around the paint table. There are some moments when we're all working quietly and others where there are many bodies gathered around a new batch of paint all chattering in excitement about the progress of getting a new color just right.

Our Mission

Case of Making exists to support our collective creativity. We believe in the act of engaging in an artistic practice for the health of ourselves and the health of our communities. We know that creativity and creative problem solving is the way forward and we trust this process. This is true in art and in life.

We believe in the creative power of all humans, and that to be creative and be truly ourselves we need to be free and safe. This is not the reality for many marginalized communities and we strive to make Case for Making a safe space for all people. We are here to learn from each other, to share stories, to engage in a creative process, to build each other up as we discover ourselves and to value this practice. We want to take this opportunity to re-state our commitment to being an anti-racist company. Black Lives Matter. Asian Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter.

Thank you all for feeding back to us the community that we want to be a part of. We continue to build this together-actively creating a world which reflects our collective ideas and values. Case for Making is all of us and includes everyone who believes in the power of creativity and self expression and sees and values and will fight for every unique voice and story and history.

Listen to yourself, be yourself, and make something that only you can make and choose every day to share that with the world.

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