Explore how our watercolors, tins, and products can work!

We choose to be curious in how we experiment and explore materials, marks,
and color. We let ourselves be fascinated by each move we make and ask ourselves
questions to inform the next one. We strive to make this apparent in all we do, from pigment
sourcing and color mixing to our custom letterpress paper goods-all the way to how
we speak about creativity in the classes we teach and with visitors in the shop.

It's not about the outcome, it's about the process. And curiosity is the way in!

NEW! Painting Videos

How to Make a Premixture

Glazing To Make A Third Color

Wet on Wet

Dry Brushing

Two Color Gradient

Mixing With Unexpected Color Pairings

Round Vs. Flat Brush

Arches Hot Press Vs. Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Paint Making

How We Make Our Watercolors

How We Make Our Custom Blends

Palettes + TOOLS

How to fill your simple travel palette

How to add a third row to your simple travel palette

how to fill your small palette (works for M, L, XL, too!)

how to tighten your small palette if it gets loose (works for M, L, XL, too!)

how to fill your Cfm + Cloutier Ceramics Fillable Mixing Palette

how to use brush buddy to clean your brushes