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Fluid Fauna - Koi Fish with Claire Wilson

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Wednesday, April 24, 5:00 - 6:30pm PST

Mother Nature continues to be one of our best muses….in keeping with this months theme of celebrating Spring in Japan we will be studying Koi. These colourful fish have been a popular motif historically in painting and printmaking and their vibrant markings remind me of tulip petals. They represent luck, prosperity, strength and success, and watercolour is the perfect medium to explore their iridescent scales and fins. In this session we’ll be observing Koi and their wide range of patterns and textures. Wet on wet is one of my favourite techniques and lends itself to moving pigments around to illustrate their kaleidoscopic hues.

Join zoom 15 minutes early (4:45pm) for an informal meet and greet with the instructor and other class participants! Session instructions will begin promptly at 5:05pm PST so that everyone has plenty of time to join!


  • Watercolour paints - some warms, cools, neutrals like a grey or ochre, or brown, and maybe a neon if you have one!

  • Titanium white watercolour or white gouache

  • Mixing Palette

  • Pencil - I prefer to use a 2H/3H

  • Brushes - size 3-5 round medium and 0-2 fine liners for smaller details

  • 2 x Cups of Water

  • Paper Towel

  • Watercolor paper - I’ll be using my fave 140lb Arches cold press 7 x 9 watercolour paper block but any 140lb/300gms watercolour paper will work

  • Spare sheet of paper to swatch colours

  • *optional - washi or artists tape

Claire Wilson is a fine artist, creative educator, and textile designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Through her work she explores the beauty of the female form, interior spaces & fashion while considering the use of colour, shape and textures. Having spent her career creating fabric designs in the fashion industry, colour palettes are the foundation of her practice.

See more of Claire’s work at and Instagram: @smudge_studiobk


All workshops are recorded and the replay will be automatically available the day after class to everyone who paid for a spot! The link to the recording will expire 30 days after the date of the workshop.

* Zoom links are emailed 24 hours before the workshop starts; please check out using the email address to which you’d like the link sent. If you have not received the link within 24 hours prior to the class, please check your spam folder first and email

** If you’d like to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can open up the spot! We are only able to refund if we’re notified at least 48 hours prior to the workshop. 

Thank you so much for taking our workshops. We do ask if you are planning on teaching in the future by using anything you’ve learned from us, to please credit Case for Making + the individual instructor where applicable.