We're working on a gallery show to highlight all we
have created together and we want to include YOUR work!


We want to see what all of our work looks like all together! With the help of the brilliant curator, artist and CfM Friend Eliza Gregory, we will be creating new pieces of work that are built from all the paintings you have been creating in Case for Making Friends classes over the past few years!

We're inviting you to send in some paintings that you made in our CfM Friends sessions that you would like to be a part of this collection. We will be cutting down all of the paintings to the same size and organizing and compiling them into multiple paper 'quilts'. How we organize and build each quilt will depend on our team's response to what we've been sent! The pieces will be sold and proceeds donated to a few organizations that are yet to be determined. We might also be making a catalog of this project and will be sure to credit each artist for their contribution in the book as well as in the gallery!

For the month of February 2023 we'll be taking over Axis Gallery in Sacramento, CA. We're starting to gather materials now so please send in anything you'd like to us by November!


Please mail your work to us by November:
Case for Making, 4037 Judah Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

Size and Labeling Instructions: Please make sure that each piece of paper you send us is at least 4" x4" and please write your name, city + state, instagram handle, and email address on the back of each piece of paper. (It's fine if you send larger work! We'll cut out multiple pieces from it!) Please also make sure to send us paintings on watercolor or multi-media paper that is 90lb or 140lb please! We want to make sure that these pieces will hold up over the years to come!

Feel free to send us whatever you have that you're absolutely positive that you don't want anymore! We want to see all the color, texture, explorations, patterns, swatches, all of it!

We hope that you want to participate in this project with us as a celebration of all we have made and will continue to make together!

We're so excited to receive your work!

Alexis and the Case for Making Team!