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*Guest Instructor* Abstract Watercolor Delight with Bindi Desai

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Wednesday, June 26, 2:00pm - 3:30pm PT

In this workshop, we will discover the process of creating unique abstract mixed-media paintings by using watercolor as the foundation. To begin, we will paint a beautiful background using 3-5 watercolors. Once the background is dry, we will utilize various household and kitchen items to create interesting marks. Additionally, we will learn how to draw botanicals and add them to our background, as well as incorporate marks to enhance the final piece. This exercise is perfect for beginners who want to make something without a specific end goal and reduce stress and anxiety.

Join zoom 15 minutes early (1:45pm PT) for an informal meet and greet with the 2:05pm PT so that everyone has plenty of time to join!


  • Watercolor paints (color/s of your choice)
  • Watercolor paper- any size you are comfortable with. I will be using 6x8.”
  • Brushes: a large brush (size 10-12) or a mop/quill brush (size 4), but any round brush (6+) will work.
  • A black pen (regular pen or Sharpie or micron pens)
  • Mark Making Supplies: a fork, toothbrush, old credit card, bowl, crayons, colored
    pencils, markers, OR anything you can find at home- BE CREATIVE!
  • Collage papers/scrapbook paper or used tea bags
  • Regular salt.
  • Two glasses of clean water
  • A cloth or a few paper towels to wipe the brush.
  • A mixing plate (ceramic or plastic)
  • Blank papers for practicing mark-making and botanicals.


  • A spray botle (optional)
  • A hair dryer or heat gun (optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  • Tape


My name is Bindi Desai, and I am a full-time special education teacher in Philadelphia. In addition to my teaching job, I have a passion for watercolor and mixed-media art. My favorite subjects to paint are loose florals and abstract mixed media. I have challenged myself to improve my landscape painting skills, and I am excited to track my progress and create stunning landscapes. I take pride in teaching my students and fellow artists that perfectionism is overrated when learning watercolor and that focusing on the process is more rewarding than obsessing over the final product. In addition to painting and teaching, I enjoy crafting, drawing on my iPad, and listening to audiobooks.

Check out her website or find her on instagram at @create__d


All workshops are recorded and the replay will be automatically available the day after class to everyone who paid for a spot! The link to the recording will expire 30 days after the date of the workshop.

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** If you’d like to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can open up the spot! We are only able to refund if we’re notified at least 48 hours prior to the workshop. 

Thank you so much for taking our workshops. We do ask if you are planning on teaching in the future by using anything you’ve learned from us, to please credit Case for Making + the individual instructor where applicable.