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CfM + Cloutier Ceramics Paint Filled Mixing Palette

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This paint filled mixing palette was created in collaboration with the brilliant Julie Cloutier and is designed to be a one-stop-shop for having your paints and mixing wells all in one place! We love the circles of color and the potential to mix so many hues right on the spot. We made sure to choose colors with which you can mix so many lovely secondary colors! DARKS: French Vermilion, Ital. . . Read More >

Customer Reviews

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Best in value

I wanted to try CFM watercolor, so i bought this product April 2023. This ceramic pallete is a good introduction for CFM watercolor. Not only are you getting a good size, well crafted ceramic palette, it includes 8 watercolors! For the price and quality, it's perfect! I saw CFM on IG and I was curious so I decided to get this ceramic palette. The watercolors are highly pigmented, vibrant and easy to re-wet. I enjoyed all the colors on this palette. It may seem basic, but it's not! Where can you find a fluorescent pink in a starter watercolor? Well this one have it! The colors are versatile though. I should say not your average starter pack watercolor. I also bought individual pan - coral and terracotta, and these colors are easy to work with the 8 colors in the ceramic palette. I also enjoyed the personal note that came with the package when I received it. 😊