Celebrate with Us!

August 20th—10am-5pm PST—FREE ANNIVERSARY EVENT!


Meeting ID: 830 9123 6188

Passcode: celebrate!

Case for Making Friends is 2 years old! We have created so much together over the past two years, and we couldn't have done it without you. To celebrate, please join us for a free, virtual all-day making event featuring 10 of our instructors who will each be teaching fun 30 minute sessions!



Meeting ID: 830 9123 6188

Passcode: celebrate!


(all times are Pacific!)

9:45 am: Hello and Intro with Alexis, Rawley and Melanie!

10:00 am: Color Matching with Alexis Joseph
10:45 am: Nondominant-Hand Sketching + Painting with Anjelika Deogirikar Grossman
11:30 am: Cyanometers with Gina Hendry
12:15 pm: Playful Faces with Melanie Lan
1:00 pm: Monochromatic Painting with Yina Kim
1:45 pm: Layered Lines with Rawley Clark
2:30 pm: Fluid Florals - Single Stem Studies with Claire Wilson
3:15 pm: Fruit Salad! with Orlie Kapitulnik
4:00 pm: Pareidolia Landscapes with Dave Muller
4:45 pm: Stampscapes with Rachel Cummings



Color Matching with Alexis Joseph
Alexis will walk you through how she approaches color matching using a limited palette. Color matching is a process that can sometimes feel frustrating—Alexis tries to approach it with curiosity, ease and a by referencing a simple color wheel!
- pencil
- watercolors (at least the primaries!)
- round watercolor brush size 4, 6 or 8
- multiple pieces of watercolor paper
- our grid paper for watercolor is also fun to mark swatches on!
- cup of water
- piece of paper towel or a cotton rag

Nondominant-Hand Sketching + Painting with Anjelika Deogirikar Grossman
I use nondominant-hand sketches in my practice to focus on noticing, to capture the essence of an object, person or a place, and to have fun! In a series of short sketches, participants will focus on observation of objects around them. We will take this warm-up to the next level to also paint with our nondominant-hand!
- pencil or pen
- 3-4 piece of sheets of paper
- 2-3 sheets of watercolor paper (Anjelika prefers cold press)
- your favorite watercolor paints (even just one color)
- brushes
- water
- paper towel

Cyanometers with Gina Hendry
Join me in creating your very own cyanometer - an easy and fun exercise in blue and an ode to looking at the sky.
-Pieces of paper, preferably sturdy enough for watercolor
-Blue watercolor or ink (Prussian blue is the historically favored pigment of cyanometers, but cerulean is a great alternative. Any saturated blue will do!)
- brushes
- water
- Mixing palette
- scissors

Playful Faces with Melanie Lan
Here we'll be painting a series of playful faces using a limited color palette. To get the creative juices flowing we'll be painting these with a spirit of spontaneity!
- Water
- 3-5 watercolor paints
- size 4-6 round brush
- smaller round brush size 0-1 for details

Monochromatic Painting with Yina Kim
In this demo, Yina will share different ways of using CFM Indigo Ink to create monochromatic paintings!
- indigo ink
- water
- brush
- paper

Layered Lines with Rawley Clark
In this demo, Rawley will expand upon their original intuitive line practice to create layered line landscapes! We will bring in more shapes and colors to create line paintings with even more depth. 
- flat brush (any size!)
- paper
- your watercolors
- water

Fluid Florals - Single Stem Studies with Claire Wilson
There’s something magical about the fluidity and movement of pigments traveling through water that can represent the iridescence of petals. In this mini session we’ll be studying a single flower and observe its wide range of colour and depth.
- watercolour paints - some warms, cools, neutral like a grey or ochre, and maybe - a neon if you have one! I’ll be using the CFM all the feels custom blends palette as it's perfect for flowers.
- mixing palette
- variety of round brush sizes - I like to use a size 12/14 for flowers
- 2 x cups of water
- paper towel
- 9 x 12 sheet watercolor paper - I’ll be using my fave 140lb Arches cold press watercolour paper but any 140lb/300gms watercolour paper will work
- spare sheet of paper to swatch colours
- artists or washi tape to tape your paper down
- optional - fresh flowers are great if you have them, or I have been collecting floral reference here:

Fruit Salad! with Orlie Kapitulnik
Hand carve fruit themed stamps in this quick carving demo that will teach you how to carve and print simple fruit shapes! Learn to print patterns and personalize your very own wrapping paper, blank notebooks, greeting cards and more!
- rubber stamp ( moo carve or speedball easy cut)
- speedball carving tool
- stamp pad ( at least one color but the more colors, the brighter the fruit salad)
- pencil
- paper, notebook, or card to print on
- xacto knife

Pareidolia Landscapes with Dave Muller
Do you ever see pictures in natural formations like clouds? This special gift is called pareidolia and is a wonderful tool to access hidden gems in our paintings. This class will discuss ways to encourage these discoveries and realize the unexpected.
- Any or all of your watercolor supplies

Stampscapes with Rachel Cummings
Join Rachel to learn a fun and easy way to create layered landscapes using carvable stamps.

  • Craft Knife (X-Acto and Olfa knives are great options)
  • Rubber Carving Block 
  • Pencil or pen 
  • Ink Pads (at least 3 colors)
  • At least 3 pieces of paper
  • Cutting mat or other appropriate cutting surface